Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel". The Chakras are spiraling energy centers of the body and around the body.  These centers are the energetic backbone of our bodies.  When they are healthy, we are vibrant, healthy and strong.  When they are out of balance, we feel tired, we get sick more often, and imbalances can lead to serious health issues.  Today we will discuss the 1st Chakra and its qualities.

Now more than ever, we need to ground and balance on a daily basis.  Small things that we can do to help us through the day can make a big difference.  Starting the day with intention and deep belly breathes will help you to start your day off right.  Walk on the grass after your lunch.  Watch the sunset at the end of your day.  Think of tiny rituals you can incorporate without even thinking much about them that will help keep your energy clear and grounded and keep you feeling refreshed and energized in this hectic world.

1st Chakra-Muladhara-Root-Earth 

The 1st Chakra or Muladhara translates to "root or support".  1st Chakra is our home, where we come from, our family, our background, our tribe. Here we find our primal senses and the great need for support and grounding. Here is where we find our immense courage to move out into the world and create.  The 1st Chakra is centered around the base of the spine or coccyx.  Think of the Chakras like a rainbow ladder moving up the body.  In the simplest look at the main Chakras, the Root Chakra is the 1st rung on our ladder.  If it is weak or broken, we can not climb any further. 

Colors that affect the 1st Chakra are deep reds to brown to black.   

Stones that are beneficial for the 1st Chakra are most natural red stones and some black and brown stones--Garnet, Ruby, Bloodstone, Smokey Quartz and hematite. For calming and grounding Emerald and Sapphire, for balancing Carnelian and Black Tourmaline.   

Mantra -"I am grounded and supported". You can use this simple mantra during meditation, or write it out and tape it to your mirror.  Print it out and keep it in your purse or wallet as a simple reminder.

Tone is low "U" or Lam. Note is C.  Sound is a powerful tool for healing and transformation.  You can chant or sing these tones to help balance your Earth Chakra.  You can use tuning forks in C directly on the coccyx bone.  Or maybe you like to make music with a crystal or Tibetan singing bowl tuned to C to play for yourself or others to help ground you.

Organs - Adrenals, kidneys, blood and our bones, structure or support.   If you have any health issues in any of these areas, you might want to try some of these techniques to balance your Muladhara Chakra.

Sense - smell - Each Chakra is activated by a particular bodily sense.  The 1st chakra corresponds to the sense of smell.  Using some of the oils below singly or in combination can help ground you during the day.  The smell of the Earth is particularly powerful.  The smell of fresh grass, the breeze at the ocean, the crisp smell of mountain air, all help to remind you that you are a child of the Earth.

Astrological Signs - Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo  

Essential Oils - Cedarwood, Patchouli, Myrrh  

Power Animals - Bison, Bear, Moose, Whale, Deer, Horse, Armadillo, Kokopelli, Squirrel, Wolf and Turtle.  These power animals are particularly grounding and supportive.  Try carrying one of our Totem Animal Stones in your pocket or wearing it around your neck in one of our Deerskin Medicine Pouches.  We also carry a limited number of hand carved Agate Totem Animal Fetishes.

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A good dreamcatcher to support the 1st Chakra is Eagle Warrior Dreamcatcher or we would be happy to customize a dreamcatcher for you.

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A good jewelry design to support the 1st Chakra is Eagle Warrior, Walking in Grace Grounding Bracelet or Aquarius designs.  We would be happy to customize a piece for you.   

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We also recommend our Crystal Comfort Gaia's Delight Grounding Stone and Aromatherapy Gift Set with a grounding essential oil blend, bath salts, candle and grounding crystals in decorated linen bags complete with a simple meditation you can take with you anywhere.

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There are many schools of thought and variations on our beliefs about our Chakras. This is a combination of teachings from Polarity Therapy and traditional Eastern teachings. For more information on the chakras we reccommend "The Book of Chakras" by Ambika Wauters and "The Chakra Bible : the definitive guide to working with chakras" by Patricia Mercier.  

Some wonderful music that helps in balancing the Chakras is "Chakra Healing" by Dean Evenson available through