Rainbow Spiral Chakra Dreamcatcher 3 inch, 9 Different Semi Precious Stones in Spiral Design with Gold and Silver


This three - four inch (hoop sizes may vary depending on availability) diameter (approximately 6 inches long depending on feathers) Rainbow Spiral Chakra dreamcatcher contains nine genuine semi precious stones of:

Garnet for the 1st Chakra - GARNET - is affectionately known as the "stone of commitment and health". It enhances one's resolve and creativity. It helps by toughening one's mind to negative thoughts and increasing one's ability to focus internally. Garnet promotes warmth, wisdom and understanding. It is also thought to be very beneficial to newborns by providing a protective influence and a calming effect. Garnet has an affinity for Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius and vibrates to the number two.

Carnelian for the 2nd Chakra - CARNELIAN- encourages brotherhood among all. It stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. Carnelian is opening to creativity, individuality and prosperity; awakening ones inherent talents. It protects against envy, fear and rage, and helps banish sorrow. Carnelian was one of the stones said to be worn on the breastplate of the High Priest because of its ability to provide connectiveness to the spiritual world. Carnelian has an affinity for Taurus, Cancer and Leo and vibrates to the numbers five and six.

Citrine for the 3rd Chakra - CITRINE - is called the "merchant's stone" for its ability to increase personal power and income. It brings the energy of the sun to the owner by invigorating, motivating and harnessing creative energy. Citrine dissipates and transmutes negative energy. It is excellent at balancing the yin and yang and aligning the Chakras. Because of its association with the solar plexus chakra, Citrine is effective in increasing your personal power and self-confidence, and dissolving blocks and stagnation. Citrine has an affinity for Leo, Gemini, Aries, Libra and vibrates to the number six.

Peridot for the 4th Chakra - PERIDOT- is known as the "stone of warmth and friendship", by inspiring happiness within oneself and lessening anger and jealousy. It assists in the understanding of changes that occur during transitional periods in life. It offers a shield of protection around the body and wards off stress, fears and guilt by strengthening the physical body and aligning and balancing the spiritual body. It cleanses and stimulates the heart and solar plexus Chakras, bringing openness and acceptance in matters involving love and relationships. It was one of the honored stones to be worn on the breastplate of the high priest. Peridot has an affinity for Sagittarius, Virgo, Leo and Scorpio and vibrates to the numbers five, six and seven.

Turquoise for the 5th Chakra - TURQUOISE - is a master healing stone that promotes spontaneity in romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love. It balances and aligns all the Chakras and can bring all energies to a higher level. Turquoise is a healer of the spirit and provides a soothing energy for peace of mind. It is held in high esteem by Tibetan shaman for it's spiritual and protective properties. The Native Americans also consider turquoise to bestow goodness. Turquoise has an affinity for Sagittarius, Scorpio and Pisces and vibrates to the number one.

Lapis Lazuli for the 6th Chakra - LAPIS LAZULI -is known as the "stone of total awareness", by increasing intuition and empathy. It works with the Third Eye increasing psychic abilities, aiding meditation, and allowing a "neutral perception" in emotional issues. Lapis Lazuli is said to have existed before the birth of time, thereby aiding one to understand the great mysteries of life. It aids us in the dream state by conducting our dreams and helping us to understand them. It is a protective stone, guarding the owner against attack. Lapis was used extensively in ancient Egypt. This great stone has an affinity for Sagittarius and vibrates to the number three.

Amethyst for the 7th Chakra - AMETHYST - is called the "healer's stone", "stone of spirituality and contentment", and "stone of meditation". It is a form of Quartz colored by Manganese. Amethyst enhances one's own creative energy and healing power, by assisting the mind's surrender to higher spiritual energies. It sooths, calms, and tranquilizes the mind for meditation and quiets the mind for sleep and inspired dreams. Amethyst is also a great purifier. It opens one up to the cosmos bringing in positive energy, balancing and aligning the ethereal energies of the intellectual / mental, emotional, and physical. It also helps one to understand death and rebirth. Amethyst vibrates to the number three and has an affinity for Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo and Capricorn.

Snowflake Obsidian for the 8th Chakra - SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN - is known as "the stone of purity", bringing balance to the triune (mind/body/spirit) function. It is a naturally formed volcanic glass with radially clustered crystals of Cristobalite named after the Roman who discovered it, Obsius. Snowflake Obsidian provides protection for sensitize individuals; negativity cannot coexist with it. Therefore, it is very good at enhancing the meditative space by helping to create serenity and sensitivity to love and beauty. Snowflake Obsidian has an affinity for Virgo and vibrates to the number eight.

Clear Quartz for the 9th Chakra - QUARTZ (clear) - is called the "stone of power" because it awakens the cosmic forces inside, balancing the Chakras and enhancing one's own healing ability. It amplifies, focuses, stores, and transforms energy. Quartz allows for a profound altered state of consciousness, by bringing the energy of the stars into the soul and transferring thoughts into sound. Quartz increases intuition, social awareness, confidence, and power. Quartz has an affinity for all signs and vibrates to the number four.

Gold Beads for the 10th Chakra - GOLD – is called the “Master Healer”, excellent for clearing the physical and energetic bodies. It allows inner beauty to shine forth, aiding in the actualization of self-potential. Gold lightens the burden of responsibility, by combating depression, feelings of inferiority and anger. It has been used to purify and balance the heart Chakra, making it ideal for the treatment of heart disease by improving circulation and breathing. Gold is cooperative and receptive with semi-precious stones, attracting and maintaining the healing properties of each stone. Gold has an affinity for Leo and vibrates to the number two.

Silver Beads for the 11th Chakra - SILVER - strengthens and stabilizes a person's spirit. It inspires patience and perseverance. Silver mirrors one's soul by allowing one to see from outside the self. It strengthens the "silver cord" between the astral and physical planes allowing one to travel safely and come home. Silver also enhances the positive aspects of all of other stones by drawing in negativity and transferring the positive forces of the other stones to stabilize their energies. Silver has an affinity for Cancer and Aquarius and vibrates to the number four.

Colorful Rainbow Dreamcatcher, great for office, entry, kids room, dorm, Pride, anywhere!

Available with Gold or Silver Plated Cones and finished with Full Eye Peacock feathers and white Maribou feathers. Designed to balance and clearing the chakras for optimal well being.

Available in white deerskin (as shown) with optional cream, golden (also image), saddle and black deerskin options. Alternate deerskin will be made to order, so please allow a week for completion.

Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheels" of spiraling energy centers of the body--these are the lower seven Chakras:

Sterling Silver - 11th Chakra (Causal Body)--center for awarenes -color is silver--sound is "oh aah ee"

Gold--10th Chakra (Mental Body)--center for discernment--color is gold--sound is "eh ee eh".

Clear Quartz--9th Chakra (Astral Body)--center for knowing--color is white - sound is "aah eee"

Snowflake Obsidian--8th Chakra (Etheric Body)--center for release--color is black--sound is "ee oh eh"

Amethyst - 7th Chakra (Crown) - center for inspiration - colors are violet and white - tone is "ohm"

Lapis Lazuli - 6th Chakra (Third Eye) - center for vision - color is indigo - tone is "I"

Turquoise - 5th Chakra(Throat or Ether) - center for truth - color is blue - tone is "E"

Peridot - 4th Chakra (Heart or Air) - center for joy - colors are green and pink - tone is "A"

Citrine - 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus or Fire) - center for manifestation - color is yellow - tone is "O"

Carnelian -2nd Chakra (Sacral or Water) - center for creativity-colors are orange and blue-green-tone is "U"

Garnet - 1st Chakra (Base or Root or Earth) - center for courage - colors are red and black - tone is low "U"

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This dreamcatcher comes with a booklet explaining the properties of each of the stones and the corresponding chakras. There is room for a personal message if requested.

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    Lovely dreamcatcher -thanks!

    EEEE!!! Its perfect! That's just what I wanted! An exact replica of the smaller one. Oh my gosh, what else can I say, this is the prettiest dreamcatcher I've ever seen, and I'm going to keep it for the rest of my life. :) Thank you again for doing this custom order for me!

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