Lotus Flower Necklace, Sterling Silver with Custom Choice of Dangling Stone Pendant


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Customized Dainty Sterling Silver Necklace with Seven Petal Lotus Flower design with Dangling Genuine Gemstones of: Turquoise, Biwa Pearl, Labradorite, Amethyst, Iolite, Aquamarine, Peridot, Citrine, Carnelian or Garnet wrapped in fine sterling silver wire for individual Chakras or for Astrology stones see below. Necklace is 925 stamped Sterling Silver with Lobster Claw Clasp adjustable from 16, 17.5 or 19 inches (40 - 48 cm) long. Pendant measures 22x12mm. Makes a great gift for your favorite Yoga Mama! Or a great personalized Birthday Gift! See custom set with Emerald and Moonstone matching earrings.

Lotus Flower Symbolism

- In the Victorian flower language, the Lotus represented eloquence.

- The ancient Egyptians viewed the Lotus as a symbol of rebirth; a potent reminder of reincarnation and the mysteries of the afterlife.

- in Hinduism they use the flower as a symbol of peace and eternity. White lotus flowers are usually seen under the feet of deities like Lakshmi, Ganesha, and Saraswati. Brahma, the ultimate creator, emerges from a Lotus as well.

- in Buddhism Lotus represents:
Direct Spiritual Contact
Emptiness from Desire
Victory over Attachments
Enlightenment and the Bodhi State
Love and Compassion for All Things
Faithfulness During Spiritual Development
Rising Out of Suffering

- It has come to be associated with Self-Realization and Divine Consciousness. There are seven petals for the Seven main Chakras of the body.

Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheels" of spiraling energy centers of the body. Briolettes available for the main seven Chakras:

Amethyst - 7th Chakra (Crown) - center for inspiration - colors are violet and white - tone is "ohm"

Iolite - 6th Chakra (Third Eye) -center for vision - color is indigo - tone is "I"

Aquamarine - 5th Chakra(Throat or Ether) - center for truth - color is blue - tone is "E"

Peridot - 4th Chakra (Heart or Air) - center for joy - colors are green and pink - tone is "A"

Citrine - 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus or Fire) - center for manifestation - color is yellow - tone is "O"

Carnelian -2nd Chakra (Sacral or Water) - center for creativity-colors are orange and blue-green-tone is "U"

Garnet - 1st Chakra (Base or Root or Earth) - center for courage - colors are red and black - tone is low "U"

Please allow extra time for these custom made Briollette pendant options.

For more chakra information, see our website:

Or Choose according to the Signs of the Zodiac:

Aquarius -- those born January 20 - February 18 -- these stones are recommended: Amethyst, Garnet, and Labradorite

Pisces -- those born February 19 - March 20 -- these stones are recommended: Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Turquoise

Aries -- those born March 21 - April 19 -- these stones are recommended: Aquamarine and Citrine

Taurus -- those born April 20 - May 20 -- these stones are recommended: Carnelian and Iolite

Gemini -- those born May 21-June 20 -- these stones are recommended: Aquamarine and Citrine

Cancer -- those born June 21-July 22 -- these stones are recommended: Carnelian, Moonstone, and Pearl

Leo -- those born July 23 - August 22 -- these stones are recommended: Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Labradorite, and Peridot

Virgo -- those born August 23 - September 22 -- these stones are recommended: Amethyst, Garnet, and Peridot

Libra -- those born September 23 - October 22 -- these stones are recommended: Citrine, Iolite, and Moonstone

Scorpio -- those born October 23 - November 21 -- these stones are recommended: Labradorite, Moonstone, Peridot, and Turquoise

Sagittarius -- those born November 22 - December 21 -- these stones are recommended: Iolite, Labradorite, Peridot and Turquoise

Capricorn -- those born December 22 - January 19 -- these stones are recommended: Amethyst and Garnet

AMETHYST - is called the "healer's stone", "stone of spirituality and contentment", and "stone of meditation". It is a form of Quartz colored by Manganese. Amethyst enhances one's own creative energy and healing power, by assisting the mind's surrender to higher spiritual energies. It soothes, calms, and tranquilizes the mind for meditation and quiets the mind for sleep and inspired dreams. Amethyst is also a great purifier. It opens one up to the cosmos bringing in positive energy, balancing and aligning the ethereal energies of the intellectual / mental, emotional, and physical. It also helps one to understand death and rebirth. Amethyst vibrates to the number three and has an affinity for Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo and Capricorn.

BIWA PEARLS - have soothing energies which infuse love into the surrounding and inner soul. It is a defensive gem, able to soothe the emotional heart. The mellow vibes and relaxing energy pacify the distressing emotions along with the restless intellectual torso. Biwa pearls heighten the imaginative power bringing clarity to the thoughts and to decision making. It evokes creativity and helps to focus you in the right direction to attain all the riches of the life. Biwa Pearls bring prosperity to life, and has long been used as a talisman to bring wealth. A birthstone of the month June and gem of the Moon. Biwa pearls helps to clear and to align the chakras for attaining balance in the body, mind and soul. It symbolizes faith, loyalty and commitment. Biwa Pearls are regarded as a gem of sincerity, happiness and wisdom.

CARNELIAN- encourages brotherhood among all. It stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. Carnelian is opening to creativity, individuality and prosperity; awakening ones inherent talents. It protects against envy, fear and rage, and helps banish sorrow. Carnelian was one of the stones said to be worn on the breastplate of the High Priest because of its ability to provide connectiveness to the spiritual world. Carnelian has an affinity for Taurus, Cancer and Leo and vibrates to the numbers five and six.

CITRINE - is called the "merchant's stone" for its ability to increase personal power and income. It brings the energy of the sun to the owner by invigorating, motivating and harnessing creative energy. Citrine dissipates and transmutes negative energy. It is excellent at balancing the yin and yang and aligning the Chakras. Because of its association with the solar plexus chakra, Citrine is effective in increasing your personal power and self-confidence, and dissolving blocks and stagnation. Citrine has an affinity for Leo, Gemini, Aries, Libra and vibrates to the number six.

GARNET - is affectionately known as the "stone of commitment and health". It enhances one's resolve and creativity. It helps by toughening one's mind to negative thoughts and increasing one's ability to focus internally. Garnet promotes warmth, wisdom and understanding. It is also thought to be very beneficial to newborns by providing a protective influence and a calming effect. Garnet has an affinity for Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius and vibrates to the number two.

IOLITE – is called the “violet stone”. This stone is one of the best for use with the Third Eye Chakra for intuition, spiritual growth, and meditation. Iolite produces a subtle electrical field in contact with the body that builds and balances ones energies. It was used by shaman as a powerful stone for keeping the “vision” clear. Iolite balance the yin/yang energies of the body. It helps the wearer to leave behind old issues and move forward. Iolite has an affinity for Libra, Sagittarius and Taurus and vibrates to the number seven.

****LABRADORITE (Spectrolite)-- is known as the “temple of the stars”; bringing clarity to insight to allow for greater abundance, clearer direction, and facilitate transformation. It enables clearer decision making during challenging circumstances, enhances the intuition and imagination thereby releasing the limitations to greater achievement. Labradorite promotes wisdom and knowledge, and strengthens self-worth. It promotes enthusiasm, self-confidence, and inspiration. Labradorite is a solar plexus stone, but it is beneficial for all chakras. It cleanses the aura, clears and balances it, sealing all holes in the aura to prevent energy leakage. Labradorite clarifies vision (both physical and spiritual). It is useful in recalling dreams and understanding what the dreams have to do with our daily lives. Labradorite can be used to regulate metabolism and assist in the digestive process. It helps to stimulate the brain, lower blood pressure and relieve colds. Labradorite has an affinity for Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo and vibrates to the numbers six and seven. In stock and ready to ship! See photo.

MOONSTONE – is called the “Lucky Love stone”-- said to bring the wearer that which is most needed. It is also known as the “traveler’s stone” because of its ability to protect and clear negative energy and bring good fortune to the wearer. Moonstone is balancing and reflective, helping one to get in touch with their feeling intuitive side. It embodies the energy of the Moon—helping the wearer to access their femininity and attune to their body’s natural rhythms. Moonstone has an affinity for Cancer, Libra and Scorpio and vibrates to the number four.

PERIDOT- is known as the "stone of warmth and friendship", by inspiring happiness within oneself and lessening anger and jealousy. It assists in the understanding of changes that occur during transitional periods in life. It offers a shield of protection around the body and wards off stress, fears and guilt by strengthening the physical body and aligning and balancing the spiritual body. It cleanses and stimulates the heart and solar plexus Chakras, bringing openness and acceptance in matters involving love and relationships. It was one of the honored stones to be worn on the breastplate of the high priest. Peridot has an affinity for Sagittarius, Virgo, Leo and Scorpio and vibrates to the numbers five, six and seven.

TURQUOISE - is a master healing stone that promotes spontaneity in romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love. It balances and aligns all the Chakras and can bring all energies to a higher level. Turquoise is a healer of the spirit and provides a soothing energy for peace of mind. It is held in high esteem by Tibetan shaman for it's spiritual and protective properties. The Native Americans also consider turquoise to bestow goodness. Turquoise has an affinity for Sagittarius, Scorpio and Pisces and vibrates to the number one.

Comes attractively boxed with a little booklet with the meaning of the Lotus Flower and properties of your chosen gemstone with room for a personalized message if requested.

All pieces are cleared and blessed before shipping.

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