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7th Chakra Visionary 
Violet™ Bracelet

This Seventh Chakra bracelet was designed with stones of the New Age. Stones that help us in our quest to awakening, bringing in higher wisdom and the aid of the “Brotherhood of Light”. A weave of purple hues to open the third eye, crown and your heart to the beauty that is you! It contains: TANZANITE --"stone of magic", CHAROITE -- “stone of transformation”, SUGILITE--"the love stone for this age", GOLD --“Master Healer”--to activate the 10th Chakra to connect us with the higher Global Consciousness, and STERLING SILVER -- to activate the 11th Chakra(Causal Body) -- center for awareness. Pair it with the Visionary Violet™ earrings and Visionary Violet™ Necklace for an uplifting set!

7th Chakra Visionary Violet™ Bracelet
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