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Information on the higher Chakras is limited and very controversial. Many different theories and beliefs are being debated. The main point is that being relatively newly “discovered” a general consensus has not been arrived at like the lower 7 chakras. Most of the information we have is from channeled sources, healers and new photographic evidence. As we are discovering more about ourselves and how our energy reacts with our environment we come closer to some understanding of these higher energies. Right now, names, numbers, locations and properties are all varied. There are many models of our energy body and one thing appears to be clear is that we have so much going on, it is more than we can simply delineate. One thing that recent physics has taught us is that we change what we observe, so coming to an understanding of “what is” may not even be possible until we come to a consensus of mind.

That being said, this is what we, at Destarté, have come to learn and understand. You will need to judge for yourself through your own experiences.

8th Chakra-Soul Star Chakra-Halo Chakra (Etheric Body)

The 8th Chakra is also known as the "seat of the soul"; the center of divine love, spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. The 8th chakra holds your karmic residue -- those energy patterns that you have held on to for more than one lifetime that may hold you back from achieving your highest potential. When karma is involved, clearing past life trauma or patterns will help you. When these old patterns are cleared, a new spiritual awareness begins to take shape. The individual begins to awaken to the “Christ mind” or “Universal soul” and access the Akashic records--all that we have ever experienced. This chakra is the gateway to other ideas, concepts and higher dimensions.

Stones that work with the 8th Chakra--Snowflake Obsidian, Onyx, Hematite, Clear Quartz, Celestite, Herkimer Diamonds, Citrine, Sugilite, Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Spirit Amethyst

Colors that affect the 8th Chakra are black or white. The Soul Star Chakra is Moon-White in color or crystal clear. When fully open and activated it links in a spiral fashion to the other six transcendental chakras situated in a line above your head.

Sound is "ee oh eh"

A good dreamcatcher to support the 8th Chakra and all the Chakras is the Rainbow Chakra Dreamcatcher or we would be happy to customize a dreamcatcher for you.

A good jewelry design to support the 8th Chakra is 8th Chakra Karmic Awakening Jewelry or we would be happy to customize a piece for you.

9th Chakra (Astral Body)--center for knowing----karmic blueprint of the individual. It stores the skills and abilities learned in all lifetimes. This chakra also holds the key to the soul's destiny. The 9th chakra is also known as the upper dan tien located at Pineal Gland and appears like a golden sun just above the minds eye. It is here the christ abilities lie dormant.

Stones that work with the 9th Chakra include-- Moonstone, Clear Quartz, sugilite, selenite.

Color that affects the 9th Chakra is white

Sound is "aah eee"

A good jewelry design to support the 9th Chakra is Mystic Moonstone 9th Chakra Jewelry or we would be happy to customize a piece for you.

10th Chakra (Mental Body)--center for discernment-Soul seat--High Heart Chakra and center for love and compassion. Divine creativity, synchronicity of life, the merging of the masculine and feminine within, unlocking of skills contained in the ninth chakra. The 10th chakra is located just above the heart chakra at the thymus gland or spiritual heart as it is also known. It is here that we find our connection to god. This is also the center of yin and yang as it balances the energies flowing from the earth star and the 12th chakra the gods head. The tenth chakra starts to open up the individual will begin to manifest many of the skills they have learned in all of their previous lives.

Stones that work with the 10th Chakra --Gold, Raspberry Aura, Aqua Aura, Turquoise, and Aurora Quartz

Colors that affect the 10th Chakra is gold, purple, blue.

Sound is "eh ee eh". "I Am" is a good mantra for this chakra.

11th Chakra (Causal Body)--center for awarenes--Sacred Heart-- Pathwork to the Soul, the individual's ability to acquire advanced spiritual skills (travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, instantaneous precipitation of thoughts, telekinesis in some cases.) The 11th Chakra is located an inch and a half above the belly button it is here that we find our divine essence known as the soul or soul star as it is also known, and and it is here we find our being that exists beyond the realms of time and space.

Stones that work with the 11th Chakra--Silver, fire opal, coral, clear quartz merkaba, golden healers, and clear quartz.

Colors that affect the 11th Chakra is silver

Sound is "oh aah ee"

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