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Clear Quartz is composed primarily of silicon dioxide (SiO2) known for its unusual, large, generally faultless and often prismatic crystals. Clear Quartz is simply the purest form of quartz, lacking any of the trace minerals or elements that provide color to other quartzes. Quartz also possesses a unique combination of properties among semi-precious gemstones. First, it is triboluminescent - that property in minerals which causes them to give off orange or yellow "flashes" when sawed or struck. Second, it is piezoelectric - that is, it generates an electrical charge when under stress. Finally, many samples fluoresce when shown under ultraviolet light. Quartz is called the "stone of power" because it awakens you to the cosmic forces, balancing the chakras and enhancing your healing ability. It serves as a cosmic filter and magnifying glass. Quartz amplifies, focuses, stores, and transforms energy. It allows for a profound altered state of consciousness, by bringing the energy of the stars into the soul and transferring thoughts into sound. Quartz helps you to recognize the origin of a disease; it has been used in diagnostic healing, by raising the consciousness toward the enlightened state. Quartz increases intuition, social awareness, confidence, and power. Quartz has an affinity for all signs and vibrates to the number four. Click on the following link to see an example of Jewelry with Clear Quartz. Click on the following link to see an example of a Dreamcatcher with Clear Quartz. You can also customize your own Jewelry or Dreamcatcher to include Clear Quartz.

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