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Peace is something that starts at home and starts in the Heart. This is why we were directed to make this piece. In order for Global Peace to be achieved, we each need to heal our own wounds and find peace in ourselves. This jewelry is a small way that we can start this work on a personal level. The Green Tourmaline works with the Heart Chakra to open and allow for love and healing. The Blue Lace Agate works with the Throat Chakra to open and allow for the Truth to be spoken and received. Gold works with the 10th Chakra to connect us with the higher Global Consciousness. Sterling Silver works with the 11th Chakra to connect us to each other. Together the energy of these gifts of Earth gently clear, open and allow for the possibility of Peace for ourselves and our world. May Peace Prevail on Earth and in the Hearts of All. So Be It.

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PEACE Earrings
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