7th Chakra-Crown-Sahasrara

The word Sahasrara means “thousand petals”; it is through the Crown Chakra that we open the 1,000 petal lotus flower at the crown of our head, opening us to our true divinity our spiritual consciousness and our ultimate peace and happiness. This is the top of our “Chakra ladder”- our spiritual clime to enlightenment.

Colors that affect the 7th Chakra are violet and white, but the chakra itself is a rainbow colored 1,000 leaf lotus flower.

Stones that are beneficial for the 7th Chakra are most natural violet and rainbow colored crystals-- Charoite and Sugilite to calm, Amethyst and Clear Quartz to balance, Celestite and Blue Sapphire to activate. Other beneficial stones are Alexandrite, Fire Opal and Labradorite.

Mantra- The true sound of this chakra is silence, for it is only through silence where we reach God Source. Although you can also use: Tone is "ohm”. Note is B.

Organs- Pineal gland, upper skull, cerebral cortex, the skin

Sense- Bliss

Astrological Signs- Aquarius

Essential Oils- Ylang-ylang, Rosewood, Lotus and Linden

A good dreamcatcher to support the 7th Chakra and all the Chakras is the Rainbow Chakra Dreamcatcher or we would be happy to customize a dreamcatcher for you.

A good jewelry design to support the 7th Chakra is 7th Chakra Visionary Violet Jewelry or we would be happy to customize a piece for you.

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Rainbow Chakra Dreamcatcher

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7th Chakra Visionary Violet Jewelry

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